AA 2.8.5 Server Browser is a program that helps you find servers and players for the game America's Army 2.8.5

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AA 2.8.5 Server Browser v 1.4.1


Changelog 1.4.1

    -Added function to download the map of the selected server (thanks to dodges-community.net)

Changelog 1.4.0

    -Fixed the problem of adding more than one server with the same IP to favorites
    -changed to work with the Dodge website again
    -changed the shoutbox
    -Fixed the problem of launching the game and it connects to a previously selected server
    -Improvements to the new version detection system
    -Added ability to autodetect the ArmyOps.exe file*

Changelog 1.3.0

    -Added a new Shoutbox
    -Added a events section
    -Added support for https

Changelog 1.2.2

    -Changed the AA2.8.5 Server Browser programming to work with the  dodges-community.net  page
    -Changed the Shoutbox code to works with the  dodges-community.net  page

Changelog 1.2.1

    -Added the capacity to forces the game to "Remember login" and "Automatically loging".
     This is to avoid that when changing the server map the game does not connect
     to the new map due to a blank username error.
    -Changed the shoutbox load to load after sending requests to the servers. this is to avoid iterference
    -fixed the problem of closing an AA server previously opened when closing the browser.
    -Added help file in korean thanks to UtE

Changelog 1.2

    -Added Dutch, German and Korean language thanks to Chevy and UtE
    -Added full support to reconigze domain names (for those who want to run an online server with dynamic IP)
    -Added the option to run a server in the CMD
    -Added the capacity to remeber the last server setup when creating a LAN server
    -Added detection and listing of "LAN servers" created with the browser or the traditional way
    -Changed waiting time to 10 seconds to load the backup list, when the chevy website does not respond.
    -Added a Favorites Tab to add servers that do not appear in the list
    -Added options to configure the screen resolution of the game
    -Changed shoutbox to show a clock with a reference time
    -Removed automatic detection of the rapidfire server(is no longer necessary due to the ability to recognize domain names)

Changelog 1.1

    - Added a server backup list
    - Improved software boot to prevent servers in red
    - Added support for English and Spanish language
    - Added automatic detection of the ip of the rapidfire server
    - Added support for creating a LAN server